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  • hsa health insurance
    • Prices From: £9.75
    • No Claims Discount: Nil
    • Excess/Co-pay: £100
    • Max Total Cover: £50,000
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For more than 137 years, Simply Health has worked with individuals and companies for their insurance and healthcare needs. Today, Simply Private Health works with individuals and families to find the amount of coverage they need while offering additional benefits as well to help offset the cost of premiums. With the option to apply for health care cover over the phone without any medical history, signing up with Simply Health is straightforward, and they keep it that way by paying for doctor and hospital bills directly.

Simply Health has operated under many different names including HSA, BCWA, HealthSure, LHF and TotallyActive. Through the changing names, the company has stayed dedicated to helping people with healthcare for almost 140 years. The company does not have shareholders to answer to and is totally dedicated to the people it serves. Simply Health offers a range of plans including health insurance, cash plans, and dental plans. With more than 1.3 million customers, Simply Health is offering coverage to 2.5 million people and 11,000 businesses currently.

Healthcare Plans

Simply Health offers a core coverage with all of their plans with the ability to add on additional levels of coverage arranged by type – surgery, therapies, heart and cancer. Premiums increase as you add additional levels of service to the core coverage. All Simply Health plans include a compulsory excess of £100 annually to offer you a more competitive premium.

Core Coverage:

The core coverage offered under Simply Health entitles you to coverage for out-patient specialist consultation fees as well as out-patient scans and tests that are referred by a physician.

Surgery Cover:

The first level of additional services you can add to Simply Health’s core coverage is the surgery option. With the surgery level of coverage, you are covered for diagnostic tests, surgery fees, hospital charges, parent accommodations, consultations, a NHS cash benefit, physiotherapy and oral surgery. All benefits are paid at full cover with the exception of the NHS cash benefit with is £250 a night up to 91 days or nights in a single year.

Complementary Therapies:

The next level of additional coverage includes the therapies that complement medical procedures and diagnoses including out-patient physiotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathy, acupuncture and homeopathy. These therapies are covered for acute conditions but not for ongoing chronic conditions.

Heart and Cancer Treatment:

The third additional level of coverage that can be added to your core coverage are the additional options for heart and cancer treatment. For both you are entitled to £50,000 during the lifetime of the policy to pay for surgery, drugs, clinical care and post-treatment care as well as necessary therapies. The heart coverage also includes consultations for two years following treatment. The cancer coverage offers five years of consultations.

Additional Benefits

Simply Health is working hard to earn new clients and offers some benefits and incentives for new customers and some for existing customers.

Two months free:

Currently, Simply Health is offering two free months of coverage for joining today, although tomorrow or the next day would likely be just as good.


If you’re a nonsmoker, there is an additional 5 percent discount offered on your premiums.

No hassles:

Simply Health pays providers directly for you and even sets up your appointments for you making it simpler to get access when you need it.

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