Vitality Health Insurance


    • Prices From: £7.89
    • No Claims Discount: 25%
    • Excess/Co-pay: Upto £1,000
    • Max Total Cover: Unimited
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With multiple options to lower your premiums through good health, Vitality rewards its customers for making healthy choices and leading a healthier lifestyle through its Vitality programme. The program is unique to Vitality and through a system of points, offers cash back rewards for those who look after themselves. Vitality offers individual health plans with especially comprehensive coverage and cover for all stages of cancer as well.

Vitality looks for opportunities to reward you for making healthy choices while offering a full range of healthcare plans with different levels of care. Vitality was launched in 2004 and has grown dynamically since that time. By focusing on promoting health in addition to providing benefits when the need arises for healthcare services, Vitality take a full approach to the individuals and families on their private healthcare plans.

Healthcare Plans

Vitality offers four different healthcare plans with different levels of coverage.


The value plan gives you the least amount of coverage with the lowest premiums. Under the value program, you have access to private hospitals on the hospital list and have cover for hospital charges, specialist fees, diagnostic tests and radiotherapy or chemotherapy with £100 co-pay at the hospital. The value plan also covers specialist consultations up to £600 per year and diagnostic scans as well with £50 co-pay.

Diagnostic tests for outpatient care as well as chiropractors and osteopaths and physiotherapy are covered with a limit of £600 per policy year. There are additional benefits as well including a childbirth benefit, limited home nursing, limited private ambulance payouts and parent accommodations.


A fuller package of benefits, the Core package has the same benefits as the value program without the monetary limits on many of the services including inpatient care and diagnostic scans.


The Select plan includes the benefits of the core and value plan as well as limited psychiatric care (up to £7,000 per policy year) and fully covered outpatient diagnostic tests.


The fullest plan offered by Vitality, the Comprehensive plan includes all prior coverage with the addition of £20,000 in inpatient or outpatient psychiatric treatment, £600 toward complementary and alternative treatments and a higher NHS hospital cash benefit up to £2,000. The Comprehensive plan also includes home nursing and a fully paid private ambulance without limits.



By paying an excess on your Vitality plan, you can reduce your premiums dramatically. The Core and Select plans offer an excess option of £250 while the Comprehensive package offers excess options up to £1,000. The Core plan does not include an excess option to reduce your premiums.

Vitality programme :

The most unique aspect of the Vitality program is the reward system for healthy living and wise choices. By not smoking, choosing to visit the gym and eating well, you can earn points toward cash back from your premiums. The Vitality programme offers you discounted offers at Vitality’s gym and health screening as well as the other Vitality partners. As you build points with the program, you’re eligible for greater rewards in the form of cash back.

No claims discount:

Vitality also offers a “no claims” discount letting you save up to 35 percent on your premiums by not making a claim each year. When you do make a claim, you lose that discount, but can start working to rebuild it again. Every new customer starts with a 25 percent discount with Vitality.

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