• Prices From: £12.57
    • No Claims Discount: No
    • Excess/Co-pay: £100
    • Max Total Cover: £1,000,000
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Passport2Health started with a simple vision. Frank Levene had a desire to create a private health insurance company that allowed policyholders access to quality coverage and excellent customer service at an affordable price. After consulting with some of Europe’s top medical and insurance companies, Passport2Health was born.

This revolutionary new type of health insurance transports policyholders to the doors of some of the best healthcare providers across Europe. By allowing policyholders to be diagnosed in the UK and treated abroad, Passport2Health is able to give policyholders access to some of the best medical and surgical treatment in the world at a price that nearly everyone can afford.

Healthcare Plans

Passport2Health plans are simple and straightforward, with no confusing tiers or levels. All of the benefits of each plan are laid out in simple terms that everyone can understand.

All plans offered by Passport2Health cover the cost of diagnostic testing; including MRI’s and PET scans, performed by local UK doctors. Policyholders are also covered for cancer treatments in the UK; this includes treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery, and cancer aftercare. Other major medical procedures like surgeries are covered when performed abroad.

Personal Plan :

Passport2Health’s personal plan is the perfect fit for individuals and their families. With this plan, everyone in the family - partners and dependents included - are covered for high quality healthcare with prices that won’t break the bank.

Business Plan:

The Passport2Health business plan is the perfect solution for employers who are in search of excellent service at a reasonable cost. This plan is suitable for small or large businesses, as well as self-employed individuals.


Passport2Health offers a completely unique model for affordable private healthcare in the UK. Because their network of hospitals and medical centers is abroad, policyholders are able to take advantage of little known, yet excellent, resources at costs lower than other UK providers. Policyholders can also rest assured that there will be no waiting list and they can schedule their treatments for times convenient for them.

All travel arrangements to and from the UK to their chosen healthcare provider as well as their accommodations are arranged and covered by Passport2Health. While the preferred method of travel is via airplane, travel via train can be arranged in some cases. Hotel rooms can also be arranged for a patient’s companion, if necessary. A companion will also be compensated for meals and receive a daily allowance when travelling with a policyholder.

Although the majority of medical procedures are only covered abroad, cancer treatment is covered in the UK. This means that cancer patients can still get the treatment they need, but will not have to travel frequently or stay away from home for long periods of time in order to do so.

In the end, it’s important to note that policyholders are not only limited to the medical facilities within the Passport2Health network. If a policyholder is unwilling or unable to travel abroad for treatment, they will qualify for National Health Services (NHS) coverage. In this case, Passport2Health will pay benefits up to £3,000.

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