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A component of the much larger IMG Global, IMG Europe is an international insurance center based near London, England. The wholly-owned subsidiary of International Medical Group (IMG) has won awards for their product offerings and their level of customer service as well.

Offering products suitable for families, individuals, and both large and small businesses, IMG Europe focuses on offering highly competitive products backed by excellent customer service. Founded in 2002, IMG Europe today has service centers in the United States and throughout Europe. The service centers are available around the clock, every day of the year.

Healthcare Plans

With divisions in the United States and Europe, IMG Global and IMG Europe offer seamless care in their insurance plans regardless of time zones and location. The company offers a variety of insurance products that are highly competitive and flexible, offering plans both in an EU and USA-style in order to suit the needs of all of their customers. Additionally, IMG Europe ensures that all medical plans are regulated and approved by the EU Insurance Mediation Directive.

Among the benefits available on all IMG Europe plans, you’ll find:

  • Access to highly qualified providers located across the globe
  • Round-the-clock service for emergencies regardless of location world-wide
  • Effective medical management for any emergency in any location
  • Customer service centers with multiple language capabilities to improve communication and effectiveness available around the clock
  • Online tools available around the clock to provide timely information when you need it most
  • Effortless transitions from one country to the next

The insurance plans offered by IMG Europe have additional benefits and features as well.

Long-Term Insurance

Suitable for families and individuals, the IMG long-term plans are designed for international citizens working and living abroad for long stretches of time. These plans are also suitable for those traveling frequently between countries and those who have multiple citizenships and countries of residence. Renewed annually, the long-term insurance plans are most suitable for families, working individuals, expatriates, diplomats and long-term travelers.

The GlobalSelect International Healthcare Cover offers flexibility with four sub-plans available and perks for families including free coverage for the first year on children less than 10 years of age. Additional add-ons include maternity Coverage, a personal accident plan and a daily indemnity hospital plan. Eligible charges are paid directly to the medical care facility or doctor, cutting down on paperwork for individuals and families as well.

The GlobalFusion International Medical Insurance is flexible and renewed annually. This makes it especially effective for those working abroad. GlobalFusion covers individuals, families and groups and offers five unique sub-plans along with additional add-ons like dental, vision, maternity, terrorism and sports coverage. The family premium also covers two children under ten at no additional cost for the first year. The Global Fusion plan also allows you to choose your provider.

Short-Term Insurance

Also suitable for both individuals and families, short-term insurance provides coverage for up to three years. The same plans are available for less than a week’s worth of coverage, allowing you to set up just the amount of coverage you need to protect you while you are outside of your home country. Designed for injury and illness protection, short term insurance can give any traveler peace of mind.

GlobeHopper Platinum Travel Medical Insurance is a premium short-term insurance solution designed to maximize coverage over a twelve month benefit period. With three different plan limit maximum options and renewable for up to 36 months, the Platinum plan includes a Global Concierge and Assistance Service as well as increased access to physicians, psychologists, pharmacists, dentists, trainers and dieticians.

GlobeHopper Multi-trip Travel Medical Insurance is specifically designed for those who take multiple trips throughout the year outside of their home country. Available as an annual plan, Multi-trip covers travelers, spouses and children for twelve months for travel lasting 30 to 45 days up to $1 million. The plan also includes a universal pharmacy discount and two sections of optional additional coverage.

Insurance for Corporate Business and Groups

It’s not just families that need insurance. Groups and businesses both large and small can be covered under IMG Europe’s group plans. These plans are suited for the needs of employees stationed globally or those who travel across countries throughout the year. While not suitable for single businessmen and families, these plans are ideal for groups of international executives and business travelers.

GlobalSelect Group International Healthcare Cover is designed to give corporations and business groups options and flexibility to meet the needs of their employees. Features of the plan include discounted dependent child rates for children up to 19 years of age, four competitive sub-plans, and coverage in virtually any country or location in the world, including the business’ home country. The plans are portable and include easy installation payments to simplify accounting.

GlobeHopper Multi-Trip Travel Medical Insurance is designed for those who take multiple trips throughout the year. Coveraged in a single annual premium, businessmen and women who travel frequently outside of their home country will have coverage for themselves, their spouses and dependents with plans covering up to $1 million.

Tailor-made Coverage is designed for companies that need more customized features than the plans offered by IMG, the company can construct a plan designed to suit the needs and budget of each business. Through tailor-made coverage, employees, executives and their families can be covered anywhere in the world – including in your home country.

Marine Captain and Crew

While we may think of global travelers flying in airplanes or traveling by train, many workers are found in international waters on large ships and smaller boats. IMG Europe offers insurance plans to meet the unique needs of a professional marine crew. Offering high levels of coverage, this plan helps protect the nomadic water workers as individuals or as a group.

CrewSelect International coverage is designed as a long-term solution for those who spend a great deal of time on the water. In the CrewSelect plan, there are two sub-plan options available allowing you to designate one of three currency options for benefits up to $8,000,000. The marine plans also includes access to the online customer service portal as well as trip interruption coverage, out-of-country legal expenses and even recreational marine coverage for scuba diving and other water sports.

Benefits of IMG Europe

The benefits aren’t in big discounts or savings. The prices on their products are already competitive.

The real benefits are in the expansive global network and supportive services. The company is proud to be an all-inclusive medical insurance source. With a single phone call, you can arrange travel, expatriate, missionary, marine, international medical and even trip cancellation service.

Other benefits include multi-lingual customer service centers across the United States and Europe as well as accessible technology, in-house administration service and a global network of companies backing every plan.

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