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An online healthcare coverage provider, Health Online is underwritten by AXA PPP for additional peace of the mind. The key selling point of Health Online is that the entire selection process for buying health insurance is done online in a matter of minutes for simple, fast service. The healthcare plans provided by Health Online are flexible allowing you make additional selection of coverage levels online as well with help just a phone call away.

Underwritten by AXA PPP and a FSA regulated company, Health Online is an online service provider for healthcare plans, not a large healthcare company. Health Online works directly with AXA PPP who has a hand in the development of the products and levels of services Health Online offers to individuals and families. Health Online works almost exclusively online and by phone without a physical location for customers to visit.

Healthcare Plans

Health Online starts each plan with certain core coverage and then gives you the options to add additional coverage to the basics, effectively raising your premiums with each additional addition. There are more than 9 options available to tailor your plan specifically to your needs and each is accompanied by a mandatory £100 excess.

Essential Cover:

The basic building block of the Health Online plan, Essential Cover is the foundation for all additional coverage options. The core coverage includes a staffed healthcare information line available 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. In-patient and day patient treatment at more than 200 hospitals in the AXA PPP healthcare direction and in-patient and day-patient fees including anesthetist fees are covered in the Essential Cover plan as well. Also included are outpatient surgeries, radiotherapy and chemotherapy as well as ambulance transport, parent accommodation and scans including CT, MRI and PET.

Essential Extra:

Essential Extra adds cover for two out-patient consultations with a specialist per person each year. The additional coverage also includes out-patient diagnostic testing on a specialist referral. This is in addition to the Essential Cover as all additional options are:

  • Standard Out-patient cover:

    This option is designed to cover you for outpatient specialist consultations, diagnostic tests on referral and practitioner charges up to £1000 per year.

  • Comprehensive Out-patient cover:

    Option 2 covers the costs of outpatient specialist consultations and diagnostic tests as well as practitioner chargers on a full refund basis.

  • Therapies:

    Option 3 covers you with complementary practitioner charges and physiotherapist charges with a combined limit of £1000. Within this limit, the benefit is available for 10 sessions of treatment per year for GP referred therapy.

  • Psychiatric:

    Available for in-patient and out-patient psychiatric treatment, Option 4 is a full refund benefit at a private hospital or day-patient unit. This option also covers eligible outpatient psychiatric specialist consultations and clinical practitioner charges for psychiatric treatment. This option is not available with Essential Extra, however.

  • Ancillary benefits:

    Option 5 covers other healthcare costs that don’t fall under other categories. The benefits of Option 5 include home care, NHS cash benefit, oral surgery and chiropody among others.

  • Dental/Optical:

    With Option 6, you’re covered up to 80 percent of the costs of eligible dental care up to £150 each year. The optical benefits entitle you to a maximum of £250 every two years for prescribed spectacles and contact lenses. The coverage also includes £15 of cover towards the cost of eye tests.

  • Travel:

    With Option 7, you’re protected in the event of an emergency abroad. You and your family have cover for medical costs, additional expenses and delayed departure while away from home.

  • Extended Cancer Cover:

    Option 8 continues with the coverage Option 2 begins. Option 2 covers the out-patient investigation and treatment of cancer which includes radiotherapy or chemotherapy. In Option 2, you are entitled to 12 months of cover for chemotherapy drugs. When you selection Option 8, you have an extended cover for up to 36 months of chemotherapy. To add Option 8, you must have added Option 2 as well.


Health Online offers ways to reduce your premiums as options with the plan or special rewards.

6 week option:

You can significantly reduce your premium by electing the 6 week option. Under this option, you commit to being treated by NHS if the procedure you need is available within 6 weeks of being diagnosed. If the procedure is not available, you can proceed with the Health Online coverage after the 6 weeks. With the 6 week option, you reduce your premiums, but you also lose your emergency and urgent coverage.

Optional excesses:

You can reduce your premiums up to 30 percent by electing to pay an optional excess. The excess of up to £500 is paid per person, per policy year and is added to the £100 compulsory excess that is added to every plan.

3rd option free:

You can earn additional coverage if you selection two of Options 3, 4 or 5. When you pick two of those three, you get the third one added to your coverage for no additional cost to you. This option is not available, however, if you opt to have Essential Extras added to your core coverage.

No claims discount:

You are eligible for up to 50 percent discount after years of not filing a claim. The longer you go without filing a claim, the higher your discount will be, with 50 percent set as the maximum.

AXA PPP Underwriting:

While Health Online isn’t a large healthcare corporation in its own right, the smaller company might be able to offer more competitive rates with the comfort and knowledge that each policy is underwritten by AXA PPP – a company with decades of experience and good-standing in the healthcare industry.

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