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Groupama was established in a French farming community over 100 years ago. Once a small-time idea, Groupama Healthcare has exploded into one of Europe’s heaviest hitters in major insurance and banking circles. The company now serves over 16 million customers in 14 different countries, and it has accumulated over 39,000 employees located around the world.

Proof of Groupama’s success can be best illustrated through its assets and revenues. The company’s revenue has climbed to over £17.6 billion. It manages over £88 billion worth of assets, and it has claimed profits of more than £398 million. This insurance provider shows its character by reinvesting all of its profits into the business so it can provide excellent service to every member.

Throughout the UK, Groupama is known for excellent home and motor vehicle insurance. The provider also offers a range of commercial products that are innovative and contemporary for medium- and small-sized companies.

Groupama Healthcare is ranked as the UK’s eighth largest specialist for private health insurance. The company provides well-respected private medical coverage to UK’s business community. Groupama was awarded the title of “Best Group PMI Provider” in both 2009 and 2010 at the Cover Excellence Awards. In addition, during the Health Insurance Awards, they were awarded “Best Customer Service” and were finalists for five other awards as well. In 2009, Groupama Insurance was also awarded the Prestigious “Investors in People Gold Standard Award”.

Groupama’s company motto is that they are “small enough to care.” The provider believes that the reason its products have won several awards and its partner brokers rate its underwriting service so highly is because it stays true to the belief that even small things can make a big difference.

Healthcare Plans

Groupama Healthcare has a wide range of private health insurance products from which customers can choose. The company calls its main insurance product “Santé.” Santé is an award-winning product for private health insurance.

There are four levels of cover to choose from when signing up for Santé. The first of these choices is a benefit plan through Section 1 that provides the very basics of medical insurance coverage. This level covers treatment for inpatient and outpatient services, private ambulance care, home nursing, access to a counseling helpline, and a cash benefit with NHS. All policies must contain a Section 1 benefit as a minimum level for coverage.

Santé also has an option for two sets of benefit packages, called Sections 2 and Section 3, respectively. This plan is called Santé for You, and it is a private medical insurance plan that offers coverage for the treatment of any private medical needs due to any unexpected injury or illness. In addition to the Section 1 benefits, these sections allow you to purchase add-ons for extra medical and non-medical needs to enhance your policy. You can choose between two different hospital bands- London and Provincial. Santé for You also allows you to choose from a range of co-insurance and excess options.

The Santé for You plan has a variety of excess options available, and the amount you can pick from ranges from £50 to £5,000. You can confer with your personal broker if you would like to select a particular excess amount on which you’d like have your quote based. You can apply the excesses you receive per period of coverage, or per claim, you submit. Excess types apply per person insured under the plan per coverage period as well.

If you select the type of excess that insures people individually per claim they submit, then you pay your excess amount at the beginning of your claim process for each new medical condition that you have during your coverage. Remember that whatever type of excess you select, you must pay the excess at the start of each period of insurance, even if you filed a claim during a previous period of coverage and you have an ongoing treatment plan.

Your co-insurance obligations mean that both you and Groupama each pay a portion of the costs incurred for your treatment. You have the choice of picking from ten percent, twenty percent, or thirty percent of every claim.

No matter which Section you choose, the main benefits of purchasing any Santé plan by Groupama include full refunds for all specialty fees, a full refund for any hospital charges accumulated during your stay, and a full refund for all outpatient treatments and specialist referrals. You may also receive a complete refund of any home nursing costs, and if you used a private ambulance service, the company will provide a full refund for that as well. All plans also offer £150 per night of NHS, which is a cash benefit that has no limit.

Special Offers

Groupama Healthcare is currently offering a special benefit in conjunction with Nuffield Proactive Health. If you are a policyholder, you can now receive a discount of 10% off Nuffield's assessments that gauge your overall health and general well-being at one of the 32 centers located throughout the UK.

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