General & Medical Health Insurance


    • Prices From: Varies
    • No Claims Discount: Yes
    • Excess/Co-pay: Upto £3000
    • Max Total Cover: £1,000,000
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General & Medical Insurance Ltd. is a UK-based company established in the 1980's. The Guernsey Financial Services Commission authorizes and regulates the company. Originally, the company was a financial institution that provided insurance services to business professionals within the UK. Later it was incorporated, and it became a Plc within 12 months of its incorporation. The company’s two primary offices are located in Peterborough, and it has administrative locations throughout London and Guernsey.

Since its inception the company has seen explosive expansion, and it has surpassed growth projections year after year. As it stands today, General & Medical has made its mark as one of the most significant providers of insurance and financial services in the UK. The company started as a Guernsey-based insurance company, but it quickly expanded its services to offer underwriting of private healthcare schemes marketed by General & Medical Healthcare. The company has placed a recent emphasis on its development of markets worldwide by increasing its investment in IT and internet services, and it plans to continue offering innovative programs to all clients, whether old or new.

Healthcare Plans

General & Medical offers two different types of private health insurance options: the Equs range, which includes Equs cover and Equs Plus cover, and the Altus range – Altus and Altus Plus. Each program is designed to give you all the perks of private healthcare at a fraction of the customary costs. The plans offered are extremely popular with individuals and families who may not have thought they could afford private healthcare before.

• The Equs Plan

The Equs healthcare plan range provides a level of cover priced reasonably enough to accommodate the vast majority of individuals and their families. Equs gives you an essential level of cover. This means that you will enjoy access to initial consultations for illnesses as well as diagnostic tests so you will know fast if you need medical attention.

If you are suffering from an acute condition and you need to be admitted to the hospital right away, you are covered for that, too. The Equs plan also takes care of essential cover for cancer treatments, and your cover will increase for each of the first five years of your plan if you don’t make a claim for cancer cover during that time.

• Equs Plus

Equs Plus offers even more protection than the Equs plan. First, you get higher cost limitations for outpatient benefits, as well as a more comprehensive cover for therapy. You also get the benefit of complementary medicine with this plan. The most important feature of this option, however, is the inpatient cover for cardiovascular conditions that it provides.

Equs Plus also offers higher cancer treatment cover, and the amount increases for each of the first ten years you are a member as long as you don’t file any cancer claims. Other benefits of the Equs Plus option include private ambulance cover and home nursing options. If you become temporarily disabled or critically ill, this plan offers cash benefits for you as well.

• The Altus Plan

The Altus plan has all the benefits of the Equs range along with many more from which to choose. General & Medical’s Altus range is so popular because it is remarkably affordable private medical insurance for such a comprehensive level of cover. The Altus plan is much more comprehensive than the Equs range, and it is perfect for people who need more inpatient and outpatient benefits with their plan.

When you are deciding whether to select the Equs or Altus plan, the primary factor you must consider is that Altus provides cancer treatment cover, and it includes the initial cancer consultations and diagnostics as well. When you choose a plan in the Altus range, you have all the benefits of the Equs range, plus convenient access to surgery in a private hospital if you are suffering from an acute condition, more inpatient diagnostic tests, inpatient surgery, outpatient initial consultations, cover for physiotherapy, treatment for cardiovascular conditions, and cancer treatment.

• Altus Plus

Altus Plus includes all the benefits of Altus, but it also offers a whole lot more. For example, Altus Plus covers outpatient psychiatric care, subsequent consultations for a previously treated condition, a cash benefit if you become temporarily disabled, pregnancy complications cover, and the option pays a cash benefit for those who become critically ill. Altus Plus also offers maternity and personal accident cover and life cash benefits as well.

Special Offers

There are a couple of great incentives that General & Medical give you for taking out health insurance with their company. For instance, the online “Health & Wellbeing” portal is a resource that gives you the tools to make simple changes that will allow you to develop a healthier, more balanced and productive lifestyle. The site includes active life programs, health & wellbeing programs, and active sport and care programs. General & Medical’s Health & Wellbeing Services are provided by FirstAssist Ltd.

Another offer the company provides when you become a member is 24/7 telephone counseling services. You can schedule an appointment for each counseling session at your convenience to speak to a certified counselor about your issues. The trained professionals are high qualified to provide support and assistance for you when you are having emotional problems, family crises, bereavement issues, or other problems that you need emotional support to work through.

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