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    • Prices From: £11.43
    • No Claims Discount: No
    • Excess/Co-pay: £100
    • Max Total Cover: Unlimited
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Freedom Healthnet was established in 2003, and the company provides private health insurance and medical coverage for individuals and company employees. Great Lakes Reinsurance plc underwrites Freedom Healthnet. The Financial Services Authority authorizes and regulates the company.

The company features an innovative, unique hybrid cash plan. The plan is the first of its kind, and it helped to fill a void in the world of private medical insurance in the UK – and the plan is now enjoying its seventh year of success. In light of the health plan’s success, Freedom launched a complete line of comprehensive health insurance plans for its loyal members.

Westfield Health believes that as a not for profit organization, their customers will always be at the center of everything they do. The company knows that their compassionate values and culture, when coupled with their strong sense of corporate social responsibility, will hold the keys to their ongoing success. It strives to deliver unique, innovative health insurance plans and provide stellar customer service for policyholders. Staying true to this mission is precisely what has made the company a multi award-winning provider.

Healthcare Plans

Freedom Healthnet knows that individual medical insurance is a crucial piece of any health plan. When you suffer unexpected illnesses or injuries, having a plan in place allows you to have choices, which in turn gives you peace of mind. When you take out individual medical insurance with Freedom, your benefits include wide-ranging options for your health insurance cover, from their essential health plans that take care of the cost of expensive inpatient treatments to all-inclusive medical plans that offer a menu of total inpatient and outpatient cover options. You even have the option of including psychiatric care, alternative therapy, or rehabilitation benefits in your plan.

Freedom Gold Essential

Freedom’s Gold Health Insurance cover provides you with £30,000 of inpatient cover for an entire coverage year, plus the option to add an extra £1,000 of outpatient cover to your plan. Gold cover is one of the most individualized and unique cover options on the market today and the many benefits of the plan include full coverage of all qualifying hospital charges, medical expenses, nursing fees, prescriptions, and ancillary charges. One of the only conditions is that the charges fall within the pre-determined procedure prices included in the £30,000 inpatient limit patients have annually.

When you choose the Gold cover plan, other perks that fall within the £30,000 inpatient limit are hospital accommodations, which are generally included in the procedure pricing. Even if you did not undergo a medical procedure while you were admitted, your hospital accommodation is still included for up to £350 per night. If you did have an operation done, the cost of anesthesia will be included in the procedure pricing. Additionally, MRIs, CT scans, X-rays and tests are all covered under the Gold plan. The coverage also includes drugs, oncology testing, and consultant fees for cancer – including cover for radiotherapy and chemotherapy as well.

Freedom Platinum Essential

The Platinum Essential cover plan is the mid-level private medical coverage that Freedom Healthnet offers, and it provides all the benefits of the Gold plan plus a higher level of cover for those with a slightly bigger budget. The inpatient benefit is higher than with the Gold plan – it covers an individual for up to £50,000 a year, and you have the choice to add £1,000 worth of outpatient cover to your policy as well.

When you choose the Platinum plan, your hospital charges, medical expenses, prescriptions, nursing fees, and ancillary charges are covered in full just as with the Gold plan, but the inpatient limit is £50,000. If you add the outpatient option, you will have the same items covered as with the Gold plan. You are also allowed to receive up to £500 of physiotherapy under the plan per year. The plan pricing is extremely affordable and especially competitive in today’s market, so it is definitely worth looking at Freedom’s Platinum plan for the cover you need.

Freedom Diamond Comprehensive

All of the Freedom Healthnet health insurance policies essentially cover the same things, but the amount of coverage is the factor that differentiates them from one another. The Freedom Diamond medical cover is a truly comprehensive plan. The benefit level that you will receive with this plan has a whopping £100,000 yearly benefit limit per individual to apply toward inpatient treatments. Additionally, this policy has a limit of £1,250 per year for all outpatient treatments covered under the plan.

No matter which plan you choose, if you take out an individual medical insurance plan with Freedom Healthnet, the company will hold you to a compulsory excess amount of £100 per claim. If you decide to increase your excess, you can then decrease the amount of your premium. Freedom never charges you for making extra monthly payments. The company issues their policies on Moratorium underwriting unless the individual is between the ages of 66 – 75, during which time that person will be fully Medically Underwritten. Further, Freedom never covers individuals for any pre-existing conditions or chronic illnesses.

The great thing about Freedom Healthnet’s private medical insurance plans is that they are an extremely flexible health insurance choice. The company gives you the option of depositing money into your bank account for eligible medical expenses prior to your in-patient treatment. You have the option of having your treatment at a private hospital located in the UK, being treated while you are abroad, or simply by using the NHS.

Special Offers

Freedom Healthnet has a great special offer if you sign up for an individual plan with the company. This fantastic incentive involves different options that allow you to reduce your premiums. For instance, if you were to pay an annual contribution to your premium, at the beginning of the term you would stand to receive a 6% discount on your entire policy for the year.

You can also lower your premium by raising the amount of excess that you must pay for each claim you file during each year. This is a great offer, and it could lower your annual premium by as much as 25%. Check with a company representative when you sign up for your plan in order to find out about these and other ways you can reduce your premiums each year.

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