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Exeter Family Friendly is a branch of Exeter Family Society Limited. The Financial Services Authority authorizes and regulates this group. Exeter Family Friendly is incorporated under the Friendly Societies Act of 1992. Its office is located at Lakeside House, Emperor Way in Exeter, England. The company is a mutual protection and healthcare insurance provider whose goal is to minimize the cost and impact for accidents or injuries that happen to members and their families.

The company’s income protection plans are set up and outlined to assist members when they get sick or injured. The plan helps them meet their regular financial obligations and other bills in case they are unable to work. This plan works by providing members with regular replacement income.

Exeter’s private medical insurance plans are perfect for speedy access to private medical treatment when it is necessary. The company’s plans allow for a quick and easy recovery for clients. The company is different from other insurance companies because it doesn’t have any shareholders. This is purposeful; it prefers to focus all of its efforts on improving products and seeing members as individuals instead of keeping all eyes on the bottom line. Exeter Family Friendly takes pride in the fact that when members need help the most, their private health insurance products deliver. The company paid over 95% of all income protection and private medical insurance claims in 2010.

Healthcare Plans

“Health Cover for Me” is a private health insurance plan designed to give members quick access to private medical treatment throughout the UK. Not only is the plan simple, it is also comprehensive and easy to manage, so you will always know exactly what’s covered – and what’s not.

Health Cover for Me includes coverage for inpatient and outpatient treatment, consultant and specialist fees, diagnostic tests, and hospital charges on the company’s list of providers. Outpatient treatment in the form of consultant and specialty fees is also covered, as well as diagnostic tests such as CT scans, MRIs, and PET scans. Outpatient surgeries are fully insured so you pay nothing out of pocket, and cancer coverage for all stages of cancer is included, too.

Manipulative treatments, such as costs for physiotherapy, osteopathy, podiatry, and chiropractic treatments are insured with no limitations on coverage. Health Cover for Me also includes private ambulance services for medically essential travel to and from the hospital in connection with your inpatient or outpatient treatment. There are no limitations for this coverage, either. Home nursing care in conjunction with authorized care you may need following inpatient treatment is covered without limits as well.

Under Health Cover for Me, you will also have access to additional benefits, which include a GP helpline that allows you to speak with a GP 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can call the helpline when you need advice regarding a medical problem that you suspect you may have. Another benefit offered by this plan is parent hospital accommodations so that you can stay by your child’s side as long as they are receiving treatment. You will be able to rest easy knowing that you will be nearby in the event that they need you. There is no limitation on the amount of time you can stay with them; as long as they’re in the hospital, you can stay too.

Exeter Family Friendly’s private health insurance plans also offer NHS cash benefits that pay up to £250 a night if you have free inpatient treatment under the NHS. Exeter will also make a hospice donation on your behalf if you are admitted for treatment.

Comprehensive Cancer Cover

Exeter understands how important reassurance is for members in their time of need, and one of the greatest needs is when a member is diagnosed with cancer. That’s why the Health Cover for Me plan offers comprehensive coverage for cancer treatment. The plan includes coverage of appointments in which you are diagnosed with cancer and your treatments designated for affecting the growth of cancer, such as eliminating malignant tumors. Health Cover for Me also covers the maintenance and monitoring of your cancer even if it is in remission. Palliative care is included in the plan as well, so you can rest assured knowing that you can control the symptoms of your cancer without paying for everything out of pocket.

Terminal care is included in the plan, which focuses on improving your quality of life when you expect no cure. The biggest benefit of the cancer cover included in the Health Cover for Me plan is that there is no time limit placed on cancer care – an unfair stipulation that many competing insurance companies place on their members.

Special Offers

A wonderful benefit of becoming a member of Exeter Family Friendly is that you can refer a friend and receive a cash benefit. After the new member has had insurance with the company for 3 months, you will receive a check for £200. As an added bonus, your friend will receive a check for £50, too.

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