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    • Prices From: £15.29
    • No Claims Discount: No
    • Excess/Co-pay: Upto £1000
    • Max Total Cover: Unlimited
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CS Healthcare is an insurance provider that offers low-cost health insurance plans to Civil Service workers, employees in the public sector, and those who work for not for profit organizations as well. The company is a Civil Service Healthcare Society Limited that is incorporated in both England and Wales. CS Healthcare has been dedicated to taking care of its members for more than 80 years, and since the company does not have shareholders, it is able to use the extra money it receives to keep premiums for its customers at an all-time low. This fact makes its health insurance products some of the most competitive in the UK insurance marketplace. In fact, 89% of new members specified low costs as a primary reason for taking out insurance with the company.

CS Healthcare prides itself on being a friendly society, which it runs strictly for the sole benefit of its members. The company strives to provide only the highest level of personalized service, and it trains its staff to be some of the most helpful customer service representatives in the UK. In fact, one in four members joined because an existing member recommended them to the company. It’s not only customer acquisition that sets CS Healthcare apart from other providers – it’s also their customer retention. This is why a staggering 98% of members rate the company’s overall service as excellent or good.

The company handles all claims promptly, so if you’re a member, you don’t have to worry about being forced to wait. If you have a claim, you can speak to a representative from the company’s UK-based support staff over the phone right away.

Healthcare Plans

CS Healthcare believes in treating every member as an individual. This is why the company offers a menu of health insurance options for you to choose from when setting up your plan. Everyone has different needs, so there’s no “one-size-fits-all” plan with CS – each member gets their own individualized choices. Since CS Healthcare has over 80 years of experience in protecting the health of its members, the company knows what works in a healthcare plan – and it provides practical health insurance options for real life as a direct result.

When you choose CS Healthcare, you can rest easy knowing that the company has you covered for new medical conditions as they arise. You will also be happy to know that you and the ones you love will be cared for in a private institution that is clean, safe, and dedicated to helping you recover.

CS Healthcare offers the “Your Choice” health plan, which provides flexible health insurance that lets you choose from a wide menu of benefits so you get only the options you need. The only option you must select, however, is the “Essential” level. This level includes any stays in the hospital, surgeries, and scans. To build upon this level, you may choose to take out additional cover for cancer and heart treatment, therapy, consultations, or any other cash benefits you may need.

The Essential level includes even more than that. If you are admitted to hospital, you are covered for both in-patient and day patient treatments. In addition to hospital accommodations, any nursing costs are covered as well. Consultant and specialist fees are covered under the Essential plan, as well as anesthetist fees when you have surgery. The Essential plan includes all kinds of diagnostic scans – from MRIs and CTs to PET and other special scans. You can rest assured knowing that pre-operative tests and post-operative consultations, investigations, dressings, and tests are all covered as well. The plan pays for physiotherapy after an operation, too.

In addition, all plans include private road ambulance services – up to £250 per person per policy year. Nursing at home or convalescence benefits come with the plan as well. Parent accommodation for sick children in hospitals is also provided with all CS healthcare plans.

The Expert Diagnostics Option

You can add the “Expert Diagnostics” option to your plan in order to cover the costs when investigation for an illness or injury is necessary. If you fear that you have an illness, waiting for your appointment or test results can be agonizing. When you chose the Expert Diagnostics option, you can effectively sidestep all those unnecessary waiting times, and your consultations and tests will be arranged quickly at a hospital located as close to your place of residence as possible.

With the Expert Diagnostics option, you are covered for tests and investigations, ultra sound scans, x-rays, and other related tests. This option also covers treatment room procedures and any necessary pathology. In addition, all injections for pain relief, any dressings, and all your wound care is covered with this insurance upgrade as well. By selecting this option, you also get up to £1000 per person per policy year for both counseling and outpatient psychiatric consultations.

The Cash Benefits Option

The cost of maintaining your health can really add up over time. The “Cash Benefits” option allows you to compensate for the occasional costs of everyday healthcare expenses so they don’t break the bank. This option gives you cash back to help fund your dental, health, and optical screenings. There are specific limits for each kind of care you receive, so check your policy documents to find out how much you qualify to receive for each type of care you need.

Special Offers

Currently, CS Healthcare has some great incentives for signing up for a health plan with them. CS is offering your first 2 months of coverage completely free of charge when you sign up for Your Choice health insurance. Additionally, the company will give you a 4% discount when you elect to pay your health insurance premiums as a single advance annual contribution by direct debit, debit card, or check. You can also save 2% when you elect to pay by credit card.

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