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A very large global firm, Cigna is well established and offers plans suitable for everyone from individuals to families with a special plan exclusively for children. The goal behind Cigna’s health plans are to give you peace of mind and to create a comprehensive, no-hassle plan for using your coverage when you need it. With comprehensive protection and a flexible approach to scheduling, Cigna offers busy adults and families what they need most.

Based in the United States, but with a long reach, Cigna is a publically owned employee benefits organisations, and is ranked in the Fortune 500 and Global 500. Cigna has been operating in the UK since 1983 and has worked with companies and individuals since that time. Today, Cigna in the UK offers programs in medical and dental plans as well as absence and healthcare management.

Healthcare Plans

Cigna has three different healthcare plans available based almost solely on the number of people you’d like to cover under the plan.

Premier Plan:

Designed for individuals and couples without children, the Premier Plan is designed to give you specialist treatment when and where you need it. The most noticeable aspects of the Premier Plan is coverage for specialist consultation fees, hospital accommodation fees, physician, surgeon and anaesthetist’s fees.

The plan pays for diagnostic tests such as X-rays, scans and blood tests and also pays for day-case treatment. The Premier also covers outpatient surgeries, special therapies such as chemotherapy and physiotherapy among others and home nursing charges. There is no maximum limit for the Premier Plan although some limits apply to area such as a private ambulance and psychiatric care.

Parent Plan:

Designed for families, Cigna’s Parent Plan offers comprehensive coverage for all kinds of families with flexibility for different budgets as well. The Parent Plan covers all areas of the Premier Plan but includes additional items to help offset the expense you pay for hidden costs when a child is sick. This includes coverage to stay in the same hospital as your child when he or she stays the night.

The plan also includes a unique sum to be paid if your child requires surgery. The funds are designed to cover the cost of unexpected expenses unique to every family, so the funds may be spent in any fashion. The Cigna website explains that a surgery such as removing the tonsils would pay out £300 while repairing a heart valve would payout £3000.

Child Plan:

Offering the same benefits as the family plan, but limited for children, the Child Plan has the comprehensive coverage offered by the Premier, but also includes the unique cash sum available in the Parent Plan. The Child plan also still includes the coverage for a parent to stay in the hospital with a child overnight, even if the parent is not on the insurance plan. The Child plan is available for children under the age of 18 unless they marry before that date.

Discounts and Benefits

At the time of writing, Cigna was not offering any additional discounts of benefits to lower your monthly premiums.

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