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Currently serving more than 3 million healthcare subscribers, Bupa is focused primarily on customer care. With more than 400 hospitals and a simple claims process designed to make it fast and easy to start a claim with the help of a dedicated advisor, you should be able to enjoy a private room quickly as easily with ample consultation and advice from medical professionals if you opt for a private healthcare plan from Bupa.

Established in 1947, Bupa has grown from an initial 38,000 customers seeking options in healthcare treatment to more than 3 million customers today. Bupa now operates in almost 200 countries around the world and maintains not only individual healthcare accounts but many family plans and company plans as well for businesses around the globe. Bupa’s primary focus is providing its customers with quality care that is simplified and easy to access when care is needed.

Healthcare Plans

Bupa healthcare plans are offered under Bupa Heartbeat in the UK. The plans are flexible, but all have the same core components. All of the healthcare plans under the Bupa Heartbeat range include:

  • Access to eligible treatment without waiting lists
  • Extensive private cancer cover
  • A full range of specialists and consultants
  • Easy-to-use claims service that makes payments on your behalf simplifying your check-in processes at the hospital
  • More than 400 hospitals available to Bupa customers
  • New drug and treatment plan availability
  • A nurse healthline operating 24 hours to offer medical advice and guidance

With this as the core of services, each of the Bupa healthcare plans adds additional services and coverage options as well.

Health Care Select 1:

The highest level of coverage offered by Bupa, the select 1 plan has full coverage for out-patient consultations and extensive cover for eligible private hospital treatment. The plan also includes cover for out-patient complementary medicine as well as coverage for psychiatric treatment after two years of continuous membership.

Health Care Select 2:

While still extensive, select 2 does not include cover for any complementary medicines. It does still fully cover eligible out-patient consultations, eligible private hospital treatment and psychiatric treatment after two years of continuous membership.

Health Care Select 3:

A more basic plan offered by Bupa, select 3 covers private hospital treatment. This plan does not cover out-patient consultations unless the consultation is held within six months and is related to certain day-patient or in-patient treatments. There is no cover for out-patient complementary medicine or psychiatric treatment.

Health Care Select 4:

The most affordable of the healthcare plans offered by Bupa, select 4 offers coverage for only private hospital treatment. Select 4 does not offer any coverage for out-patient consultations, tests for diagnosis, out-patient complementary medicine or psychiatric treatment. Tests for the eligible treatment of cancer are covered under select 4.

Health Care Select Heart and Cancer:

The only policy of its kind, select heart and cancer has full coverage for eligible out-patient consultations, eligible out-patient tests to confirm diagnosis and eligible private hospital treatment for acute heart and cancer conditions. This plan is limited to acute heart and cancer conditions only.

Benefits of Bupa

Rather than discounts on premiums, Bupa focuses on offering specialized and unique services.

Cancer coverage:

Bupa has the most extensive private cancer coverage in the UK and provides access to drugs and eligible treatment options that are not always available through NHS.

High-quality consultants:

The consultants at Bupa have at least seven years of clinical experience and with Bupa’s focus on customer satisfaction, you can expect to work with the same consultant throughout your claim or treatment.

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