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AXA PPP Healthcare has been providing healthcare services for more than 70 years. In a climate of change and concern, this longevity is builds confidence in the company when it comes to buying personal healthcare plans. AXA PPP offers a collection of insurance products to choose from and also extended multiple discounts for new customers.

AXA PPP is one of the largest healthcare companies in the UK touting the greatest amount of experience over its 70 year history. Originally founded in 1928, AXA PPP healthcare was designed for middle income earners in London and the company became incorporated in 1940. The AXA PPP network includes more than 250 hospitals and close to 400 scanning centres which were selected to cover the wide range of services needed by AXA PPP patients. AXA PPP is part of the much larger AXA Group. AXA has more than 50 million customers across the globe.

Healthcare Plans

The many plans of AXA PPP Healthcare cover a range of benefits and services.

Assure Choice:

This basic healthcare plans covers only hospital stays and operations and has the lowest premium of the AXA PPP healthcare plans. The plan benefits include in-patient and day-patient treatment and associated specialists’ charges as well as out-patient surgical procedures. CT, MRI and PET scans are all covered by the Assure plan as well. Like all AXA PPP healthcare plans, the Assure plan includes a one-to-one telephone support service called Dedicated Nurse to offer assistance to cancer patients.

Ideal Choice:

The middle plan by AXA PPP Healthcare includes all of the standard services available as part of the Assure Choice, but includes an additional coverage of up to £900 for out-patient treatment including diagnostic tests, consultations and practitioner charges. The Ideal Choice plan also covers physiotherapy under the £900 of benefits as well as the treatment of psychiatric illness.

The Premier Choice:

The top plan by AXA PPP Healthcare is a premium healthcare plan with the same benefits as the Ideal Choice plan but without a limit on the cover for out-patient consultations and diagnostic tests. Under the Premium Choice plan, you are entitled to a maximum of 10 sessions of GP-referred complementary practitioner and clinical practitioner treatment for each person on your policy.


AXA PPP offers a few different incentive programs for new clients.

10 percent discount:

You’re offered up to 10 percent off the cost of your healthcare plan by obtaining a quote for healthcare services online.

40 percent “No Claims” discount:

Every policy starts with a 40 percent discount for making no claims. If you continue to avoid making claims on your policy, you’ll earn a greater discount over time until you have a 50 percent discount on your healthcare plan. If you should make a claim, the discount will be reduced, but will start again to build the discount back up over time.

Leaving a company:

If you’re leaving a company and willing to switch your private plan to AXA PPP, you’ll receive up to three months of free cover. If your plan was originally offered by AXA PPP, you can also continue at the same level of coverage you’ve had with your company, allowing you to continue your healthcare plan at its current level.

6 Week Option:

Another way to reduce your premiums for healthcare is to opt for the 6 Week Option. Under the 6 Week Option, you get the benefits of the Assure or Ideal Choice plans, but only if the NHS can’t provide you with the healthcare service you need within six months. If NHS is able to treat you for any out-patient surgical procedure, in-patient or day-patient treatment within six weeks of the date treatment should be given, you must use NHS, although some procedures are covered immediately under the 6 Week Option including:

  • varicose veins surgery
  • tonsillectomy
  • insertion of grommets
  • removal of bunions (hallux valgus)
  • removal of gall bladder – (laparoscopic cholecystectomy)
  • haemorrhoidectomy
  • adenoidectomy
  • correction of squint
  • cataract surgery

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