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    • Prices From: £13.06
    • No Claims Discount: Yes
    • Excess/Co-pay: Optional £250 or £500
    • Max Total Cover: Unlimited
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April UK is one of the leading health insurance and income protection providers in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. They work with insurers such as Legal & General, Bright Grey, FriendsLife, and Ageas to bring their policyholders the best choices and service when it comes to their medical needs.

Started in 1997, it’s a relatively new player in the UK health insurance game, but this company is growing by leaps and bounds every year. In 2008, April UK joined April Group, a conglomerate of insurance companies from around the world. As of 2013, April Group boasted a client list of nearly 6 million policyholders, most of whom reside in Bulgaria, Canada, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Spain, and - of course - the UK.

Backed by this group, April UK is able to offer its clients and customers the best of the insurance world - financial support, experience, and an ever-expanding company. In 2012, April UK was even honoured enough to be named the Top Firm during the prestigious Leading Lights Awards.

Healthcare Plans

April UK strives to provide their policyholders with the best service possible at affordable plans for any budget. Their plans are highly customisable, making them perfect for those with more specific needs. This company prides itself in making healthcare plans easy to find and buy. Some of the promises that April UK makes to its future and present policy holders includes:

  • Comprehensive health and financial support plans for any lifestyle
  • Different levels of coverage and add-on benefits based on individual needs and preferences
  • Instant online insurance quotes with no medicals
  • Fast and easy online application process
  • Free help and customer service from real live consultants
  • Add-on benefits for customisable plans
  • Quick claims settlements

Their excellent customer service is only the tip of April UK’s iceberg. It’s their diverse healthcare plans that really make April UK one of the best and fasted growing health insurance companies in the UK.

Private Medical Insurance Plan:

It covers the basic medical services that most people need, including hospital accommodations, nursing care, physiotherapy, prescription drugs, private ambulance, anaesthesiologists, and surgeons among others. For those looking for additional coverage, add-on benefits are also available, which include medical cash benefits and worldwide travel benefits as well as optical, dental, psychiatric, and homoeopathic coverage.

Accident & Sickness Plan:

Policyholders who are unable to work because of accidents or illnesses can have peace of mind knowing that they will still receive a monthly income. Depending on the plan chosen, injured or ill policyholders can receive up to £2,500 per month in cash benefits to help with expenses. A policyholder can also receive daily hospitalisation benefits in the amount of 10% of the monthly benefit, and 50 times the monthly will be paid out in the event of a serious injury or accidental death.

Personal Accident Plan:

For those looking for additional financial protection in the event of dangerous mishaps, the Personal Accident Plan is the answer. This plan offers three different levels of cash benefits if a policyholder is injured in an accident. The Premier Plan pays out a lump sum of money to individuals who suffer from hearing loss, paralysis, burns, scarring, broken bones, and the loss of limbs or digits. In addition to the benefits of the Premier Plan, the Premier PLUS Plan also pays daily hospitalisation benefits as well as lump sum benefits for blindness, loss of limbs, and accidental death.

Medical Cash Plan:

Policyholders who don’t want to have to worry about income and financial security in the event of a medical emergency should consider the medical cash plan. This plan pays policyholders fixed amounts for each night in the hospital and lump sums for serious injuries and accidental deaths.

Sports Private Medical Plan:

Very few UK companies offer medical plans specifically for athletes. April UK, however, does just that with the Sports Medical Plan. This plan offers unlimited coverage for a number of services that are often needed by athletes, including diagnostic and imaging tests, as well as unlimited coverage in most other general medical areas. In addition, no medical underwriting is necessary to enroll in this plan, so signing up is quick and coverage begins immediately.


April UK has a great deal to offer their policyholders, but there are a couple unique aspects of this company that make it stand apart from others.

Optional Add-on Benefits:

The numerous optional add-on benefits that are available for most plans are certainly one of the company’s most outstanding features. These add-on benefits extend a policyholder’s coverage and offer them extra protection. Two of the most notable add-on benefits include the Worldwide Travel Benefits and the Extended Hospital list.


Policyholders that stay with April UK and stay healthy can also look forward to no-claims discount on selected plans. For example, a policyholder can receives discounts of up to 22% on private medical insurance excesses, get 25% of the paid Accident $ Sickness premiums back after 12 years with no claims, and pay nothing every sixth year for the Personal Accident Plan.

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