Short Term Insurance Cover In The UK

Temporary car insurance has been developed for those drivers who are looking for cheap cover for their vehicle on a short term basis.

There are a huge number of reasons why drivers may find a short term policy useful:

Maybe you are taking a car for a test drive and just need car insurance for one day?

A student may need car insurance during term-time or when they return to their parents in the summer.

Someone who is importing a car from abroad may need cover for a brief period of time until they are ready to look for the best deal on a permanent basis. This is where a weekend quote may be appropriate.

If a relative, friend or colleague is visiting from abroad, coverage may be needed for a few weeks or on a pay-as-you-go contract. If the friend was added to a main annual policy as a named driver for this period, and was unfortunately involved in an accident, this may affect the no-claims discount available.

When a car is being driven home from a dealer or showroom after purchase, this may be another scenario where it may be worth considering to buy temporary cover.

Maybe a car has broken down and a courtesy car has been provided to keep you mobile while it is being fixed.

Or to be able to take a car for a test drive unaccompanied, a one day policy may be required.

Sharing the driving on a longer journey with friends or family could be a circumstance when obtaining motor insurance cover for one week is appropriate.

Other cases where this type of insurance could be taken out include:

while giving driving lessons to a family member or a friend (adding them to an existing 12 month plan could risk a no-claims bonus)
Loaning a van to help with a house move, for example.
Who Is Eligible To Be Covered?

As with most policies, eligibility is considered on an individual basis. Depending on the length of the policy, drivers as young as 17 may be accepted although some companies will insist on a minimum age of 21.

An upper age limit of 90 years old is in place for some policies but again this can be reduced down to 75 depending on the supplier.

Each insurance provider need to consider the risk level they are willing to accept. Factors that can affect the chances of getting covered may include:

-an inferior claims history

-previous driving convictions

-high points tally on your driving license

-non-UK license holder, although many policies will accept drivers with European and provisional licenses

-driving abroad while covered. European areas may be included but usually only at third-party level.
Getting A Policy Online Quickly

It can be very convenient to use the internet to find the appropriate temp cover policy.